Re:why macs?

Greg Schwartz (
Wed, 12 Jul 1995 18:09:15 -0500

At 3:30 PM, 7/12/95, wrote:
>to all:
>why is it that cornell is focusing mainly on macs?
>they already have a talk window, audio, and a new
>version is coming out in 2 weeks. whats the deal?
>has anyone heard of a new beta for pc's?

You might as well ask "Why does X company focus mainly on PCs?" I'd
say the Cornell team has the only definitive answer, but some
possibilities are:

1. They started on Macs. Therefore, the Mac version is ahead of the
PC version as far as features, etc., because it has been in
development longer. If you notice, however, Cornell seems to be
working on catching the PC client up with the Mac client.

2. They were making CU-SeeMe for the Mac originally. What I mean is
that a lot of college campuses are primarily Mac-based, so maybe
Cornell started out making CU-SeeMe for testing on their campus.

3. Maybe the team knows the Mac OS better than Windows.

I personally have a Mac and have asked many times why many companies
release PC versions of their software before Mac versions. The truth
is, there are companies out there that release Mac versions before PC
versions also (although in smaller numbers), and each company has
their own reason for doing so. The key is to be happy with what
you've got and with the knowledge that it's not being ignored. They
are working on it. As for a new Mac version coming out in a few
weeks, well, I figure that the since the Mac code is already so far
along, it takes less effort to fix and add things to it than it does
the PC version.


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