Cuseeme and Miro Video DC1 TV

Frank Dellaert Sr. (
Thu, 13 Jul 95 01:10:12 0200

Hello all and thanks for reading this...

I noticed that cuseeme could be used with the card mentioned
above. (It was listed in the "tested and confirmed devices"

Sorry if I am the 3,000 newbie asking this but ....
HOW do I get my miro video DC1 TV to work with CUseeme ?

I'm using:
Pentium 66 Mhz, 1 gB drivespace, 24 Mb ram
Windows 95 build 490
Miro video DC1 TV driver (beta version for win95).
Connected throuegh either slip or ppp to a local provider with
"fast" acces (28.800).

Please answer through e-mail as I am not (yet) a subscriber to
this list...

Thank you !