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Bill Ryan (
Wed, 12 Jul 1995 20:52:09 -0800

>Is'nt White Pine in charge of licensing the source code for CUSEEME?


That is correct.
Thanks for the web page plug.

We're getting the word out that White Pine Software has become the master
licensee for CU-SeeMe related source code. However, with new members
joining this list every few hours (it seems that way), it's sometimes
difficult to get the information disseminated. This is particulary obvious
in that the same questions are repeatedly asked and answered:(

What I'd like to see is the list moderator post additional info. (not just
how to subscribe/unsubscribe) to new list subscribers (and periodically
post it as well).

The additional info. would be: where the FAQ(s) is/are located, Cornell's
CU-SeeMe home web page URL, White Pine Software's CU-SeeMe home web page
URL, possibly other URLs as well??? Everyone does have a Web browser
nowadays, right??????

What does everyone think (Sharon Roberts in particular)?


P.S.: We have a 24 hour reflector up and running as well at
We'd like to see it used often inorder to remove some of the load from the
Cornell reflector. It'll keep current and the MOTD will have upcoming WPSI
CU-SeeMe events listed (cheap plug, I know).

P.S.S.: White Pine Software is not Mac centric (although I'm a Mac bigot).
We are a cross platform development company with several cross platform
product lines. WPSI recognizes that the windows version of CU-SeeMe (as
does Cornell) is a high priority item and we have taken steps to address
that issue.

> hello
>> does anyone know where i can ffind source code in order to write a plugin for
>> cuseeme? i've been waiting for sometime now since it was moved
>> from~giles...does anyone know where the information went?
>> sean

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