Discussion on CU-SeeMe Mac/PC

Thomas R. Parker (tparker@ecn.purdue.edu)
Thu, 13 Jul 1995 13:02:12 -0500

Let me try to explain something from a 3rd person POV. The following is not
official from Cornell, however, it may be somewhat of a useful explanation. I
apologize for the length.

Why Macs?

In short, my guess mould be it's just serving their staff and faculty.
For more info, read on.

The reason, I would think, is because of the computers at Cornell. My
mother is employed at a part of Cornell, and among the probably 1,000+
computers there, everyone I've known (including a sys-admin of their systems)
can find only one IBM. A 286. (it runs an ancient statistics program - I had
to use it two summers ago...)

This is basically an indication of the state of computing at Cornell.
Anyway, the point is that Cornell is very much a Mac campus, and this is being
done with Cornell money (at least some of it), and they have to justify it
every year to keep it a free public program - perhaps you remember their mail
about a month ago asking users to tell them how people are using it to justify
the program.

So therefore, I would think that not only would their programmers, etc.
be more knowledgeable about Macs, but that they would do everything that they
could to make it useful for their staff/faculty. Where my mom works just
installed Ethernet everywhere (as opposed to the old localtalk network), with
one of the reasons being so they could use "more bandwidth intensive"
applications. (I don't think that it was a problem of fetching e-mail over
localtalk being too slow...) Considering most (99%) of the apps run from local
drives (not run over the network as some do) this would tend to hint at such
technologies as CU-SeeMe.

In actuality, they are Cornell staff that (most of them) probably have
other responsibilities than CU-SeeMe. Maybe UNC has the money to put a lot of
people into such a program, but Cornell is in deep monetary trouble last I
checked. They (NYSAES, a tiny little division) were just required to cut over
a lot of money (I won't discuss numbers) from a budget that had already taken a
big hit, and while most people that have been hit by the NYS budget crunch
(disappearance?) can do money saving things with lights and insulation and
other money saving stuff, Cornell did that years ago. All of the parts of
Cornell are taking such a hit. The only thing to do is get rid of people. The
reason I may seen so heated about defending Cornell is that my mom may soon be
one of them.

Have a Day

Tom P.

Thomas Parker
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