Discussion on CU-SeeMe Mac/PC

Nathan Clark (nclark@aus.sig.net)
Thu, 13 Jul 1995 14:17:32 -0500

"Thomas R. Parker" <tparker@ecn.purdue.edu> Said:

>Let me try to explain something from a 3rd person POV. The following is not
>official from Cornell, however, it may be somewhat of a useful explanation. I
>apologize for the length.
>Why Macs?
> In short, my guess mould be it's just serving their staff and faculty.
> For more info, read on.
> The reason, I would think, is because of the computers at Cornell. My
>mother is employed at a part of Cornell, and among the probably 1,000+
>computers there, everyone I've known (including a sys-admin of their systems)
>can find only one IBM. A 286. (it runs an ancient statistics program - I had
>to use it two summers ago...)

While I can appreciate Mr. Parker standing up for Cornell, he has
exaggerated things a bit. I am a student at Cornell, and I am able to find
PC's readily available at any one of our public labs. These public labs
contain Pentium based machines, not 286's as he seems to think. I also work
in a lab in which we have two Pentium machines - a 75mhz, and a 60mhz.
While I do not deny the fact that Cornell is a very heavily Mac biased
institution, we are not in the dark ages of PC's either. I do not mean this
as a burn, just trying to clarify the facts ;).

Nathan Clark - Cornell Engineering '96