Re[2]: Adult Video Conferencing using CU-SeeMe
13 Jul 95 10:11:00 -0500

Actually I think it is extremely good. For one, it
allows everyone to see the multitudes of way that
CUSEEME is being deployed/employed into environments.
It gives not only the CUSEEME guys but WhitePine an idea
what is going on with this product.

Perhaps since this is an adult related issues, easier
(but better) reflector securities will be implemented.
Remember that reflectors are ID assignable, meaning that
because you know that address, if you do not know the ID
(to the conference) - you see nothing. If you use
patience, you can probaby widdle your way down through
the thousands of guesses or write a program that tests
all of the ID's. By the time that is over, well let's
just say it is easier finding a girlfriend.

This mail list (I assume) will continue to have people
asking the same questions over and over, etc, etc. This
mail list notifies everyone of new things out there to
lurk at. That is the way I found most sites.

As far as advertisement goes, if you ask, "Does anyone
know any reflectors, NASA, etc. are?" Regardless, the
reply is advertisement. The best advertisement is word
of mouth. Cannot be disputed.

This advertisement was extremely short and simple. I
think everyone can handle this. I would rather read the
advertisement than "I can't get my CUSEEME to work" for
the billionth time. Especially when it is the same
thing. Perhaps you were not around with the birrage of
Connetix QuickCam questions. Whew.. I'm glad that's

By the way, How do you get the Connectix QuickCam to
work anyway?


one billion and one.


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Now, this is an interesting dilemma. On the one hand, I'm completely
repulsed by the thought of this blatant "free" advertising on this
list. On the other, it may help to promote cuseeme on the net. The
more people who use it (for whatever reason) the more prevalent it
will become on the net.

Personally, I think that advertising should be banned from the list.
If we don't, the list will become one continuous ad.

What about the rest of you?


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Subject: Adult Video Conferencing using CU-SeeMe
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Date: 7/13/95 8:51 AM

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