I can receive but I can't transmit (help!)

Sharon Zurflieh (zurf@emi.net)
Thu, 13 Jul 1995 19:03:21 -0400

Hello...I am having some dificulties getting CU-seeme to work on my mac. I
noticed that when I am running CU-seeme, no other processes requiring an IP
connection work. Also, when I configure my system to transmit video, I can
no longer log in to any reflector sites. My particulars are:

Mac IIsi w/9Meg RAM
MacTCP v. 2.04
macPPP v. 2.0.1
CU-seeme v. 68k0.80b2
VideoSpigot w/VDIG 1.5b18
v.34 modem

Any ideas?

Sharon Zurflieh zzzzzzz
zurf@emi.net zz
http://www.emi.net/~zurf/index.html zz