RE: Novell LAN Workplace and CU-SeeMe

Nathan Clark (
Fri, 14 Jul 1995 10:52:56 -0500

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>Does the Novell Lan Workplace for Dos/Windows not work at all with
>CU-Seeme yet? I see that it has "some problems" with it but, it does
>not seem to connect me to *ANY* reflectors, and I have tried about 15 of
>them, one of them would give me some response.. Has there been any
>movement on the NLWP working for CU-SeeMe?

I have Lan Workplace running, and after some toying with the configuration
and protocol parameters, have gotten it to work perfectly with CU-SEEME. The
problems seem to stem from the lack of the correct configuration files in
your \net\tcp directory. These include the hosts file, and resolv.cfg file.
The manuals, believe it or not, were very helpful. E-email me directly with
questions if you need help.
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