can't start CU-SeeMe/Windows
Fri, 14 Jul 1995 09:49:03 -0700

Please pardon the low level of this post, but I can't get CU-SeeMe even to

I downloaded the July 5 Windows version (don't know number).

I unzipped the file without incident.

I placed MSvideo and Ctl3d in my Windows System directory.

I made sure the path statement in Autoexec.bat included the CU-SeeMe and Windows
System directories.

I tried to start CU-SeeMe in several ways: double-clicking in the File Manager,
choosing run from the File menu, and so forth.

I received the message: CU-SeeMe is unable to find one or more of its

Is there something I failed to download, or that it is assumed everyone will
have because they've downloaded previous versions?

I'm running Norton Desktop on a 486-33DX with 8 meg.

--Jeff Walden