RE: Novell LAN Workplace and CU-SeeMe -Reply

David Mitchell (
Fri, 14 Jul 1995 12:54:32 -0700

CU-SeeMe works fine w/Novell's Lan Workplace for Dos, on my
machine, too. It ran right "out of the box."

Dave Mitchell

>>> Nathan Clark <> 07/14/95 07:52am >>>

In regards to:

>Does the Novell Lan Workplace for Dos/Windows not work at all with
>CU-Seeme yet? I see that it has "some problems" with it but, it does
>not seem to connect me to *ANY* reflectors, and I have tried about 15
of >them, one of them would give me some response.. Has there been
any >movement on the NLWP working for CU-SeeMe?

>>I have Lan Workplace running, and after some toying with the
>>configuration and protocol parameters, have gotten it to work perfectly
>>with CU-SEEME. The problems seem to stem from the lack of the
>>correct configuration files in your \net\tcp directory. These include the
>>hosts file, and resolv.cfg file.
>>The manuals, believe it or not, were very helpful. E-email me directly
>>with questions if you need help.
>>Nathan Clark