Re: why macs?

Steve Meloan (
Fri, 14 Jul 1995 14:24:39 -0700

One needs only look at the nature of this list to see whay they originally
concentrated on the Mac - simplicity and standardization. Huge portions
of the posts here are from people simply trying to fire up Cu-SeeMe,
spending entire weekends tweaking Winsock, their audio card, etc.

Using a low-end laptop Mac, I downloaded CU-SeeMe, fired it up, pulled
down connect, entered an IP address, and there ity was. I never read
any documentation - from Cornell or from Apple. Cornell chose the
Mac originally, undobtedly for this reason - to provide a simple, elegant,
and low cost video tleconferencing facility over the Net. They've gotten
into the Windows world simply because the money and the numbers are there.
At least, that's my oppinion. ;-)