CU:SeeMe in the College Classroom

William Getter (
Fri, 14 Jul 95 14:40:07 EST

Hello All!

I teach with the distance learning/continuing education programs at
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. We have over 100 teaching sites
around the world (primarily at U.S. military bases) offering
undergraduate and graduate degree programs. We are examining
"affordable" alternatives for doing video conferencing to link
classrooms throughout the system for instructional purposes. We want
to be able to "broadcast" a lecture/presentation with the ability for
students at remote sites to interact live with the instructor. Our
challenge is to be able to originate a lecture from any one of the
100+ sites with the ability to receive at several of the other sites
simultaneously. (This leaves out the alternative of satellite uplink
systems because of the cost of over 100 uplink sites).

Needless to say, we are VERY interested in the concept of compressed
video/voice over the Internet and in turn with the inroads already
made with CU:SeeMe. If anyone out there has had any successes (or
failures) using CU:SeeMe for remote classroom presentation I would be
very grateful for feedback, suggestions, lessons learned, etc.

I can be E-mailed directly at:" Thanks in

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