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Sat, 15 Jul 1995 10:14:23 -0700

>Date: Sat, 15 Jul 1995 00:35:48 GMT
>Subject: HERE HERE for the newsgroup!
>Message-ID: <>
>I agree whats the big deal of haveing a newsgroup started anyhow?
reciveing 30 messages a day is getting tiresome, and yet i hate to quit
because there IS good >info on here <S>

The biggest drawback is that, unless it is a comp. group, it would not get
universal propogation, and some people would not be able to read it. (Even
comp. doesn't guarantee universal propogation, though most sites do get all
comp. groups.)

I suspect that there is sufficient interest in CU-SEEME to support a comp.
group, though. Should we start the process?

Alternately, we could go with an alt. group, which can be set up much more
quickly than a comp. group, and echo the group on the mailing list for those
who don't get propogation of the group.

A web echo would also be handy (either for such a newsgroup or for this
list) and I wonder if this might just solve the problem? I can't imagine
that many people who are using or interested in CU-SEEME don't have access
to the web.

An aside - Usenet news volume is growing at a tremendous rate now. My ISP is
throwing hard disks at their news server at a furious pace. Fortunately,
hard drives are getting cheaper at about the same rate the Usenet is
growing, but the growth also taxes computing resources, network bandwidth,
and people resources. Maybe part of the solution is that narrowly-focused
groups such as this really should go to the web rather than to Usenet when
they outgrow a mailing list.
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