Re: Is a 56k line fast enough?

emile anderson (
Sat, 15 Jul 95 11:00:12 PDT

The issue is cost versus bandwidth. The cost should be viewed as a
combination of initial startup or capital outlay for the hardware (CSU/DSU,
NT1/TA etc) and the online charge to the Internet provider and the online
charge to the phone company. My opinion in San Diego is that ISDN using a
TA/NT1 at 128K (assumiung within a switch to p[rovider) is the optimal mix
for cost.

I too am an educator and am interested in the use of Cu in Distance learning
in the traditional classroom.


At 12:43 AM 7/15/95 -0500, Chris Rowan wrote:
>Hello everyone,
>I just found out today that I may get a 56k digital data line at my
>school for this project I've been working on. Will this provide
>sufficient bandwidth for simultaneous video and audio?
>There is a catch: I have to provide the CSU/DSU, router, and circuit. I
>also have to get someone to help me hook everything up. I'd appreciate
>any help along these lines. I'm going to contact our local university
>this coming Monday, as well as the people at THENET.
>I have the sneaking suspicion that the CSU/DSU is not cheap. I have to
>find a way to procure the equipment! I'll get the hardware, somehow.
> Appreciate the help,
> Chris



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