CU-seeme capture drivers
Sat, 15 Jul 1995 15:21:47 -0400

Machine: Pentium, 100MHz, 16Meg, PCI, 14.4modem
Windows 3.1
DOS 6.2
Video: MIRO 20TD capture board
Audio: Pro Audio Studio using Soundblaster Input selection
Winsock.dll dated 4/95 (came with Spry Mosaic)
Sony V101 camera and stereo PCM microphone

Problem: CU-seeme starts MIRO supplied Ulead capture driver over the
CU video window. This may be normal but my capture driver won't do
8bit grayscale. Is there another driver I can try?

Senders windows end up behind the CU-seeme application area.

Describing my audio capabilities seems a "mute" point. <g>

Appreciate any help.