Re: Too Much Mail....

David Watson (
Sun, 16 Jul 1995 15:37:01 +1000

For those of you who feel as there is too much mail on the list..try this
novel approach. Have your CuSeeMe mail come to you in Digest form. Then
instead of getting 20 messages through out the day, you get one message a
day with all 20 included. Here are some simple instructions:

>V. How to SWITCH to the DIGEST format (consolidates the messages you get
>each day from this list):
>---1. Address a message to
>---2. In the FROM: field, type in the address you originally subscribed under.
>---3. (Leave the SUBJECT line BLANK!!!)
>---4. Type the following in the body of the mail message:
>---5. Send your message

Pretty simple.....!

Still too much to read? Only want to know when there is an event or a
software upgrade... try switching to the ANNOUNCE list......:

>IV. How to switch to the ANNOUNCE (CU-SEEME-ANNOUNCE-L) list:
>....and why would you want to? If you feel inundated in CU-SeeMe-L mail,
>you may want to consider joining the ANNOUNCE list, thereby receiving
>***only**** announcements from CU's CU-SeeMe developers.
>---1. Address a message to
>---2. (Leave the SUBJECT line BLANK!!!)
>---3. In the body of the message, type the following two lines:
>SUBSCRIBE CU-SEEME-ANNOUNCE-L <firstname> <lastname>
>---4. (make sure, in the above, that you put YOUR OWN first name and last
>name in the appropriate spots.
>---5. Send your message.

You will find the digest command works with most mailing lists. Just insert
the appropriate list name that you want to set to digest, eg..Set
CU-SeeMe-L MAIL DIGEST becomes
Set radardish-L MAIL DIGEST to set the mailinglist radardish to the digest

Hope this helps all those with too much mail. Just think of all those
isolated people who never get any mail, or the Bosnians who don't even get
dinner. Having too much seems to be a small problem for most of the

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