Re: ideal settings for CUSEEME

Brett C. Harvey (
Sun, 16 Jul 1995 00:28:57 -0500

>>Hi there everyone,
>> I have been using CUSEEME for a while but have never
>>been able to figure out if the settings i use for compression, audio,
>>min/max kps..etc...are ideal..can someone share what they find to be the
>>ideal settings for someone connecting with a modem at 28.8 please??? it
>>would be greatly appreciated.
>Look at my HomePages [], under Network Stunts...
>The settings are at the end of the modem file.
>Best of Luck!

ummmm.... Nothing personal but We'll need just that, Luck!! I tried
looking at your page under "network stunts" as you suggested. #1 the page
is practically impossible to read (and yes, I have Netscape 1.1N #2, even
when I view the source file I find nothing that tells me anything about any
settings or anything about a modem file!!! I had to search through "Joe's
Internet video Tips" to find your recommendation for settings. If I hadn't
read the source file I wouldn't have figured out that I needed to follow
that. I would like to suggest that #1: adjust your background to make it
easier to use and #2: please, next expl;ain further in your response where
a person find find the information.

Then again, maybe it was just me....

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