My wish list is somewhat different.
16 Jul 95 05:58:00 -0500

It would be cool if you can dial in point to point using standard
serial connection (such as how Procomm would dial) to another P.C.
Void of any IP address or standard network traffic slowing things
down, both ends would have dedicated 'reliable' bandwidth. Granted
that this scenario is probably only real good for local phone calls,
yet it would be the answer to the video phone.

Cool if it could handle 3-way calling like we have in the good ole'

I would really like point to point (MAC to PC) locally or if I call my
sister long distance, may as well have video too.

If a CUSEEME developer is out there (or WhitePine), please tell me if
this is an idea that will be thought about - overlooked - etc.