Re: Banned user....
Sun, 16 Jul 1995 15:46:50 +0200

> I am not sure if the 'ban' is going to matter.

Nope he/ she (p=0.0001%) will find another reflector

> If the user is using
> an IP pool, the address is going to change the net time he dials in.
> Maybe restrice numbers from 204.31.246.*

>>I have banned the following user ( from our reflector site
>>and have sent a message to other Australian reflectors about this users
>>lewd conduct. As a public site the quickest way to get us shut down is
>>when some one decides to fondle themselves for the masses. Perhaps this
>>message can help the user set up their own private refelector. Interesting
>>as the person must have a following as with about 60 seconds there were
>>about 10 connection from Lurkers...

I occasionally fondle my nose ? Am I banned now too ?

The more banning the more lurkers.

So for arabian reflectors bann all female faces.
For ancient chinese reflectors bann all showing of ankles.
For intel reflectors DO NOT SHOW a Motorola PowerPC chip

OK which public reflector can do a detection of this all ;)

Where can I get a final method to check if someone is over 18 ?

I am not that anarchistic not to see a problem here if I empathise with the
paranoia schiso part of the human race; they are apparently conceived with
a bag over the heads and the lights out.

We could agree upon a conference number 6666 (to stay inline with the
spirit of banners) that has a moderator, something like with IRC . You are
first checked visualy by the moderator to see if you are over 18. Or
another nifty scheme augmented by a new reflector feature. Hmm... if you
are checked all to be under 18 is allright too because banners are over 18
, ...haha.

I am so interested in this discussion as I would be at the time of
Copernicus and the RC banners. He must have turned 360 degrees but not
around, like to smoke pot and not inhale .

To all Lurkers please have a Hail Mary at hand and cut&paste it to this
List. Or watch the screen with one eye as you will be stricken with
blindness , you have at least one eye left.

Please do not use the word CUT , in my language it means that I will be
blind and I have to type now without seeing wat keetters U gut.snaafer
twattihalli so as for ater poepli. Bye

Ko Stoel