Can anyone tell why my setup works so poorly?
Sun, 16 Jul 1995 21:01:04 -0400

I'm finally ready to admit I need help getting CU-Seeme running
correctly on my machine. I do not find any help in any of the FAQ's for
the conditions described below. Any help will be appreciated.

What I'm using:
Clone PC 486DX - 50 Mhz, 16Mb RAM
DOS 6.20, Windoze 3.1 w/ Watchit & Logit, no other
unusual TSR's
Trident 8900 SVGA monitor
Teac 4X CD-Rom, Roland LAPC-1 sound card (non-SB
ProMovie Spectrum video capture card (Known to be non-
compatible with CU-Seeme at this time. I'm not
trying to send video, only lurking.)
CU-Seeme version WO.65b2 (I believe this is the latest
version, regardless of what the opening message
screen of Cornell's own reflector site says.)
US Robotics "Sportster" 14.4 modem, v.32bis/v.42bis
internal on COM 4
PPP account with ISP (InfiNet/Norfolk Va.)

Here's what's happening:
When I connect to a reflector site, the windows of anyone
sending at the time pop up almost immediately, however,
very little video information for any one window comes
through. Most show only the CU-Seeme logo screen and the
ones with any video rarely fill up more than 15-20%
random squares. After about 30 seconds there is hardly
any change in any window. FPS's remain at 0 and Kbps at
0.0 (my local window shows 12-15 FPS eventhough I am not
sending.) On the rare occasion a window fills completely,
a few random squares may update once or twice a minute.

I have also tried connecting with my laptop, a 486 100Mhz, 8 MB
RAM, DOS 6.20, Windoze 3.1 as above, VGA 640x400, no video capture card,
SB compatible sound card, 28.8, v.34 PCMCIA modem card and get
essentially the same CU-Seeme performance (I hear no sound eventhough the
sound card is SB compatible.) My ISP is supposed to be going to 28.8
modems "soon". Should I see any improvement with CU-Seeme, at least with
the laptop? What other configuration/set-up options should I looking at?

CU on line! -JRG