Poor performance

Tel +352-4301-34872 (Derek.Clifford@EUROSTAT.cec.be)
Mon, 17 Jul 1995 13:00:34 +0200

I get exactly the same, connecting via 14.4 modem and compuserve. Sometimes I
get up to 0.5fps.

However, just looking at the lights on my modem, the telephone line is not
the bottleneck, it just seems to be the rate at which data can be sent over
the net.

Derek Clifford

> I'm finally ready to admit I need help getting CU-Seeme running
> correctly on my machine. I do not find any help in any of the FAQ's for
> the conditions described below. Any help will be appreciated.
> What I'm using:
> Clone PC 486DX - 50 Mhz, 16Mb RAM
> DOS 6.20, Windoze 3.1 w/ Watchit & Logit, no other
> unusual TSR's
> Teac 4X CD-Rom, Roland LAPC-1 sound card (non-SB
> compatible)
> ProMovie Spectrum video capture card (Known to be non-
> compatible with CU-Seeme at this time. I'm not
> trying to send video, only lurking.)
> CU-Seeme version WO.65b2 (I believe this is the latest
> version, regardless of what the opening message
> screen
> of Cornell's own reflector site says.)
> US Robotics "Sportster" 14.4 modem, v.32bis/v.42bis
> internal
> on COM 4
> PPP account with ISP (InfiNet/Norfolk Va.)
> Here's what's happening:
> When I connect to a reflector site, the windows of anyone
> sending at the time pop up almost immediately, however,
> very
> little video information for any one window comes
> through.
> Most show only the CU-Seeme logo screen and the ones with
> any
> video rarely fill up more than 15-20% random squares.
> After
> about 30 seconds there is hardly any change in any
> window.
> FPS's remain at 0 and Kbps at 0.0 (my local window shows
> 12-
> 15 FPS eventhough I am not sending.) On the rare
> occasion a
> window fills completely, a few random squares may update
> once
> or twice a minute.