Anouncing the ANS Server (AntiNudity)

Rodney M. Dyer (
Mon, 17 Jul 1995 11:48:00 -0400

Announcing the AntiNudity Server!

The AntiNudity Server, or ANS, is a UNIX daemon that runs on a machine that
is operating as a CUSeeMe reflector. The server connects to the CUSeeMe
reflector and constantly monitors the outgoing video stream. The server
scans the RTP/CUSeeMe stream using several artificial intelligent
algorithms. The server has the capability to learn what is obscene by using
a teach method which involves several interactive hours from the operator.
After a few teaching sessions, the server can then determine, using a
enforce/compare procedure, what is appropriate and what isn't.

There are two options that are available once an obscene stream is found:

1. The server can simply shutdown the incoming obscene cuseeme stream.
2. The server can blur, or blank out areas of the video image that
appear to be obscene.

In the event of an obscene stream, all appropriate people will be notified
by email.

Operation of the server is straight forward. Only binaries of the server
are shipped because of patent protection on the detection algorithms. There
are also several encoded/encrypted hardcoded email addresses that get
notified. One is the President, the other is Jessie Helms. To start the
server you will need to be root on your UNIX system. Simply type NoNudity
at the UNIX prompt. Remember that ANS needs to be started before your
CUSeeMe reflector. A single filename option exists on the ANS command line.
The option is the name of the file that holds the configuration options,
email lists, etc.. To teach the server what is obscene, you should provide
some obscene material. If you decide to purchase ANS, you will be provided
with a one year subscription to Playboy, Penthouse and others I cannot
mention. We tend to use the usenet Alt groups for best operation.

A demo of the AntiNudity Server is available by ftp site at:
Otherwise the full time version is available for $ 20.00 a server.

We do not guarantee operation of ANS. For a strange reason that we do not
yet understand, the server refuses to prevent some types of nudity. We feel
that we are close to fixing this problem. For those who purchase the
product, we will provide regular upgrades free of charge.