Nogatech PCMCIA Fixed the Negative Image

Steve Bernstein (
Mon, 17 Jul 1995 10:22:14 -0700

After working with the developers at Nogatech, I have at last been able to
send CU-SeeMe video from my laptop. Nogatech has sent me a beta version of
their DLL which works with CU-SeeMe to fix the "negative image" problem. At
this point in the development, you need to manually change DLL files when
you are using CU-SeeMe or when you want to use any other Video for Windows
software. If you are only using CU-SeeMe, then of course this isn't a
problem. I'm told that future versions of the software will automate this

I have Nogatech's permission to distribute this .DLL to anyone using the
Nogatech Portable Digital Video PCMCIA card. Please send me a direct e-mail
( if you are interested.

Steve Bernstein
Cisco Systems (408) 526-5982