CuSeeMe & Windows 95

Peter Jan Bakker (
Mon, 17 Jul 1995 21:42:40 +0100

I have Cuseeme WO65.b2 for windows & Windoze 95 built 440. Yes, I have to
use "it" unfortunately. When I try to establish a connection to a reflector
site, I always get the "No response" message. I have no problems running
other Internet software.

My configuration:

Pentium-90 Mhz PC (with floating-point bug)
16 Mbyte RAM
1280*1024 screen res using 64K colors
Diamond Stealth 4 Mbyte VRAM
28k8 USR Sportster FaxModem
PPP protocol

Any ideas if CuSeeMe runs ok with Win95?
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