Re: Wish list... NOT!

Barry L. Lankford (
Mon, 17 Jul 95 16:51:08 CDT

>>In the new version it would be nice to be able to id the ip numbers of
>Guess what, you're in luck. According to Tim@Cornell one of the next two
>version will have just that. Jef has been working long and hard on that
>"feature." It may or may not be released with the new version expected in
>this next week or so. If not expect it to only be about a week behind.
>CU online!
>Brett C. Harvey, EDP Network Specialist, Community Education
>Saint Paul Public Schools, Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

I disagree that the ability to ID lurkers is a desirable new feature. There
are many *basic* features that would be much more useful way for the CUSM
programmers to occupy their time.

What would you like to do with the IP numbers of lurkers? What animosity
do you feel toward people whose only reason for their "status" as lurkers
is usually the lack of funds for camera and video capture card? In the
Windows world it is still quite expensive get into the CUSM "sender" status,
requiring the user to buy a video card ($200 - $300) and camera ($100 - $200)
just to be able to entertain others, most of whom will probably never even
thank you! Maybe the introduction of the Connectix camera will enable many
of the rest of us to get "upgraded" from the lowly lurker status.

This idea sounds like yet another attempt to further erode our already abused
freedoms of speech and of privacy. Next it will be someone who wants to
require book readers to register what books they have read.

So come on, pray tell what valid, useful function would this ID function

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