FAQ on CU-SeeMe Consortium

Martyne Hallgren (martyne@nr-atp.cit.cornell.edu)
Mon, 17 Jul 1995 18:29:24 -0400

There have been quite a few messages lately concerning what the CU-SeeMe
Consortium is and isn't. Hopefully, this FAQ help clarify the program.


The Cornell CU-SeeMe Consortium FAQ
July 1995

What is the CU-SeeMe Consortium?

The Cornell CU-SeeMe Consortium is a broad based affiliates program that
provides resources to the CU-SeeMe project to research, develop and deliver
innovative solutions for real-time multiparty videoconferencing on the
Internet and sponsors activities to improve communication and technology
transfer between Consortium members.

What do I get for my membership fee?

As a member of the CU-SeeMe Consortium, you can send up to 2 people to our
Technical Briefings and other activities that give you a chance to
talk face to face with the Cornell and other developers. You'll have the
opportunity to develop partnerships to other consortium members and with
Cornell, while we build a developers forum together. If you hold a source
license, you get new versions of the software before anyone else.

Our first Technical Briefing is being planned right now. If you send email
to addresslisted below, we will add you to our feedback list
where we are discussing the meeting agenda and logistics.

So far, much of the Consortium energies have been devoted to implementing
the "developers" track of activities. We are slowly building a "users"
track also. We've started with the creation of the Cornell CU-SeeMe Web
page. We are also starting the development of special interest groups - our
first one will focus on how CU-SeeMe can be used for people with
disabilities. Your membership will support all these activities and more as
we grow.

Do I get source code by becoming a member?

The licensing of the source code is separate from Consortium membership. In
other words, you can get a source license without being a Consortium
member. Remember though that as a Consortium member, you can profit from
the Consortium benefits that "plain ole" licensees don't receive.

Who can join?

Any organization in any country is welcome to join. We encourage licensees
and users alike to join. It is through the Consortium that you become part
of a worldwide team of supporters that will keep the development and
promotion of low-cost video conferencing on the Internet moving forward. It
is through the Consortium activities that you get the best information we
can provide on the project as well as receive the visibility that all our
supporters deserve.

How much does it cost?

Members contribute financially according to a sliding fee scale based on
their level of interest in the project:

Associate U.S. $25,000
Affiliate U.S. $15,000
Contributor (Non-Profit or Startup) U.S. $ 5,000

While individual membership are not offered at this time, a program for
individuals is under consideration.

Who do I contact about joining the Consortium?

For more information contact :
Martyne M. Hallgren, Executive Director, 607-254-8324

Where else can I get information about CU-SeeMe?

If you are searching for general information on CU-SeeMe, the best place to
start is the Cornell WEB page: http://cu-seeme.cornell.edu

We highly recommend browsing the WEB pages or downloading the README files
BEFORE you post questions to this discussion list.