Re: Push to talk?

Martin Stoufer (
Mon, 17 Jul 1995 18:38:50 -0700

>can someone please explain what exactly the "push to talk" button does,
>does it just allow you to speak or does it serve another function? When i
>push it to talk, the meter that meausres the audio drops down to nothing
>and does not move when speaking into the
If you are connnected at 14.4 the talk window is still active yet won't
allow any sound out. I experience the same problem on my mac .80b ppc
version. Whats even funier is that if you speak and watch the kbps value on
your window, the rate skyrockets. I also had the same problem running out on
a T-1 line with the latest 64k verison, but that was because we needed an
external mic to pick up the sound. We also had to tell the sound control
panel to use the quickcam's mic. Wierd!
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