Singapore National Day Parade 95 Internet Broadcast

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Tue, 18 Jul 1995 16:17:40 +0800 (WST)

MBONE Announcement
Singapore 30th National Day Parade
Live and delayed Audio/Video MBONE Internet broadcast
jointly organized by
National University of Singapore Computer Centre
Technet, IRDU and TCS

August 9 1995
0900 - 1000 GMT (test transmission)
1100 - 1300 GMT (live)

1700 - 1900 GMT (rebroadcast)

August 10 1995
0000 - 0200 GMT (rebroadcast)
0500 - 0700 GMT (rebroadcast)

We are planning an MBONE broadcast of our National Day Parade (NDP) 95 on the Internet
bringing to you the wonderful sights and sounds of our celelebration on the above date and
time. The above schedule may be subjected to change. Also any conflicts in time/date with
any other ongoing broadcast on the same day/time can be resolved by contacting with the

We will be broadcasting over Technet 512kbps leased line to JvNC and making use of the
CUSeeMe technolgy.
Invitation wll be sent out to overseas sites like the US, UK, Australia and Canada
to particapte as a reflector site. Anyone who wish to join in can contact the undersigned.

Meanwhile, you can start looking out for further updates or information on our NDP Web Page
specially setup for this occasion. You can find it at
Comments and questions are welcomed. Anybody is welcomed to include this URL in their WEB
server home page.

Feedbacks on this annoucement can be directed to or entered at our
web page.