Need Reflector 4.xx for LINUX! Please!

Bart Kindt (
Wed, 19 Jul 95 18:50 GMT+1200

Please guys!
It was promised that binairies from the new Reflector 4.xx would be made for
all popular platforms!
If *one* platform is popular it is Linux! I have now logged into the FTP
server for several days in a row, and still no Linux compile!

Come on, it only takes a few minutes!

I send an E-mail to two people at White Pine, but did not even get a reply!
Can somebody tell me who I should approach to get this done?

We are in the middle of an important trial involving schools using 28.8 kbps
modems for remote teaching, and the new improved sound capablilities are
what we are waiting for..

Any info welcome.

Bart Kindt, Director Efficient Software Internet Service, New Zealand


Bart Kindt, Director, Efficient Software New Zealand LTD