Re: MiroVideo DC1 !!SUPPORT!!

Jon Tara (
Wed, 19 Jul 1995 00:17:22 -0700

>Date: Tue, 18 Jul 95 13:45:27 -0700
>From: (Fred Overbey)
>Subject: MiroVideo DC1 !!SUPPORT!!
>Message-ID: <>
> For all of you who have been waiting for support for this board, I
>am pleased to let you know that I spoke with George of Miro USA. He reports
>that the Miro board will be able to be addapted to most net applications.
>Currently it supporst on 24bit MJPEG format, but due to a large demand by
>users and possible buyers, Miros is working on a new driver for the board.
>This driver will support 16 and 24 bit RGB, they are not sure yet if this
>will fit into the 8 bit that cuseeme is now opperating from, but it should.

No, it won't.

CU-SEEME requires that the driver support the 8-bit palletized format, and,
furthermore, that the palette be loadable.

I happen to have written the driver for an unfortunate card that uses a
fixed 8-bit palette that is not loadable, and so cannot support CU-SEEME.
Well, it *could*, with some work on the driver, but I suspect it'd be pretty
ugly - the driver would have to do a "nearest color" match.

With 16 or 24 bit RGB, the driver could easily implement the LUT to provide
an 8-bit palletized format. But the driver MUST support this format. So,
based on the above statement:

"This driver will support 16 and 24 bit RGB"

that driver will not support CU-SEEME. Those formats do CU-SEEME no good.

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