Error 11004

Riccardo Benci (
Wed, 19 Jul 95 11:49:17 CEST

I guess this is a very ahrd to solve problem but I hope it is not so :-(.
I ftp'd cu-seeme for PC from Cornell site and I installed it in a
directory of his own (C:\cuseeme). I setup my HOSTS file (I use Trumpet)
with some lines like these: myhost

where is a constant part of my IP and yyy is the last
section, the one that usually changes each connect I get through my
provider. Obviously, I edited the HOSTS file so that I have ALL the IP's
listed in the file (if ever I got a different yyy part I rapidly edited
file adding the new "tail".
Then, after establishing the PPP connection I run cu-seeme... and it
ALWAYS gives me the same old damn message:

Gethostname () failed (11004).
The first time I use to run it, though, I can first select the "connect"
section but, right after selecting one of the addresses listed, here goes
the error message. Afterwards, I can't even get to the "connect"... as
as I run cu-seeme error 11004 is ready to show.

I use Windows 3.1 and Norton Desktop for Windows 3.1 as a shell (but
Norton isn't responsible... I tried removing it and it doesn't get

Would anybody please help me finding a way out of this?