"Peace for Sarayevo" Worldwide Video Conference

Lignano (lignano@eurocube.it)
Thu, 20 Jul 1995 00:48:26 +0200

Internet Worldwide conference at Lignano Sabbiadoro (Italy) for world peace.
Peace for Sarayevo
One night talking about the war

Saturday July 22nd in Italy at the city of Lignano Sabbiadoro, during the
event "The virtal week" dedicated to virtual reality, Internet and
information technologies, and it will be possible to get a connection with
the children of Sarajevo by the Internet.

Lignano Sabbiadoro is located very close to the border of Yugoslavia where
(as everybody knows) a bloody civil war is destroying the life of thousand
of children.

All net users can get in touch with the people of Lignano using chat
programs, e-Mail o CU-SeeMe Video Conference. From 6 pm to midnight
(italian time) we will talk together about the war, and send some e-Mails
to Sarajevo's people.

So keep in mind this day and remember to log on the net!

email : lignano@eurocube.it
reflector :

Time conversions:

western emisphere, July 22nd

Los Angeles : 9 am-3 pm
New York : noon-6 pm
Buenos Aires : 2 pm-8 pm
GMT : 5 pm-11 pm
Italy : 6 pm-midnight

eastern emisphere, July 23rd

Tokio : 2 pm-8 pm
Sidney : 3 pm-9 pm