Re: Banned user....

Shaharin Yussof (S.Yussof@unsw.EDU.AU)
Thu, 20 Jul 1995 11:15:29 +1000

Michael Sattler wrote:

> Given the backward state of personal liberty in Australia you did the
> appropriate thing for the circumstances.

I think that Australia can hardly be called backward in that
respect, given the recent bill that went through Congress in the
US, and the general prudity that exists throughout the majority
of American Society.

How can you presume to make such a statement when writing from the
the United States of America, that bastion of morality, with its
peculiar WASP ethics in which explicit and graphic violence of the highest
degree is acceptable, both on television and in the streets, but full frontal
nudity is something that must be avoided at all costs!

Obscenity, I agree, should be prohibited everywhere, but not nudity.
But then, who decides where the lines should be drawn? The
Bible/Torah/Quran pounders, or the politicians (which party?), or
maybe the denizens of the internet?

> >The idea that a reflector needs to have a sign posted upfront that says..No
> >Nudity, No Graphic Sex, No Picking Your Nose, is absurd. I've yet to go to
> >a city park, an airport or any other "public" place that has such postings.
> >Yet we go to these places and do not see such behavior (nose picking may be
> >an exception...). Common sense says in public places the common norm
> >prevails.

Obviously, common sense is everywhere! How many "No dogs" signs have
you seen lately in public parks, where there weren't dog dropping s
within a few feet of them?

> Your actions were
> approprate; you interpret appropriate behavior to be that which conforms to
> your local environs and that won't get your ass hung out to dry by irate
> parents and bureaucrats.

Or McCarthys or Exons, or Harper Valley hyprocrites.

> Summary: you adopt the manners appropriate to the land of your host.

Just a rehash of the old saying "When in Rome, do as the Romans
do." and another bit of socialisation we all should have learnt at
our parents knees while they were pulling our fingers out of our
noses :-)

Let's please drop this subject. It's a waste of time, and as Michael
said, David did the right thing in his circumstances, and was simply
passing the information on for others who might also like to conform
to others who live in countries which also suffer from backward civil
liberty laws.

Let's get back to CU-SEE-ME!


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