Re: Wish list... NOT!

paul sentner (
Wed, 19 Jul 1995 23:57:57 -0400

>I disagree that the ability to ID lurkers is a desirable new feature. There
>are many *basic* features that would be much more useful way for the CUSM
>programmers to occupy their time.
>What would you like to do with the IP numbers of lurkers?

>So come on, pray tell what valid, useful function would this ID function
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..for one thing, knowing that one's "real" identity is publicly available,
cause people to act responsibly. on the list I se no objections to everyone's e-mail ID being in the
..most BBSes require registration, even if they do allow "handles", - I
imagine this is primarily to encourage responsible behavior, and to
discourage abusive use of the medium.
..except in circumstances of political persecution, etc., I currently see no
real reason for anyone to not ID themselves (then, earlier versions of CU-SM
could be used..).

--paul-- paul sentner
pittsburgh, pennsylvania