Re: Feature request (was: Banned user....

Cristian G. Bergweiler (
Thu, 20 Jul 1995 01:43:37 -3

> >OK so we can't ban the user....
> Why should this be the case? It seems trivial to provide a
> mechanism to filter specific IP addresses ( and ranges
> (204.31.246.{12-48} and 204.31.*.47). A killfile is standard in
> email software, and in newsreading software, why shouldn't it be
> part of videoconferencing?
> Developers: what would it take to provide a simple text-based
> killfile?

NO! You are forgetting that many people are accessing the net with
dynamic IP addresses through their providers. So you would end
banning an entire site because of one person which "misbehaved"!


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