Re: net questions for radio broadcast

John Carey (
Thu, 20 Jul 1995 01:02:17

Well, here are some answers, or at least my opinions on the matter anyway.

>Questions to the CU-SeeMe community:

>We are establishing our radio station as an experimental broadcast site on
>the web. We have ambitions to be fully digital audio and digital video with
>RealAudio, CU-SeeMe, IRC with our programming, specifically our public
>affairs shows.

I am not at all sure that CU-SeeMe or any teleconferencing sofware is the
appropriate technology for this application. In a one to many situation,
television and radio are far more efficient than CU-SeeMe in terms of people
reached per unit of bandwidth, per production dollar.

Widespread use of videoconferencing technology for this purpose has the
potential to melt the web. This is a not broadcast technology.

>For example, on our technology show we feature multimedia and computer
>oriented guests, and during the shows we have phone in for q&a. It would be
>a natural fit to have technology oriented viewers on the internet listen
>in, and ask questions, probe our guests during the shows via the net.

This seems reasonable to me. You could run your own reflector and use it as a
sort of internet PBX allowing you to take questions from people on the
internet as well as by telephone.

This is a one to one, one to few, or few to few situation and the technology
is appropriate to the task.

>We are interested in broadcasting these shows to the public via CU-SeeMe,
>and are interested in the most efficient ways to achieve this, on a limited
>basis at first, then to regular broadcasting.

As I said earlier, CU-SeeMe isn't a broadcast technology and attempting to use
it as such not only misses the point, but will be very rude in terms of
bandwidth usage. Even if you linked all of the reflectors in the world
together, you wouldn't have an audience of more than a few thousand. A low
power college radio station has better demographics than that. Currently, the
most efficient way to do regular broadcasting is with the ordinary broadcast
channels such as television and radio.

>We are interested in getting a feel from the CU-SeeMe community at to
>proper nettiquite, techniques for our broadcasting, and how to set up
>multiple reflectors as relay sites for our programs.

I can't speak for the CU-SeeMe community, but I recommend not doing this. It
is the wrong technology for the application you have in mind.

>We are learning, and wish to proceed in the appropriate fashion. We
>appreciate any comments, suggestions and or recommendations from others
>working on similar projects.

I appreciate the fact that you have solicited opinions prior to doing this.
It shows that you are thoughtful sensible folks. Good luck with whatever you
decide to do.

John (