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Michael Sattler (
Thu, 20 Jul 1995 01:10:13 -0700

At 18:46 7/19/95, Cristian G. Bergweiler wrote:

>...You are forgetting that many people are accessing the net with
>dynamic IP addresses through their providers. So you would end
>banning an entire site because of one person which "misbehaved"!

I didn't forget it; my modem connection is dynamic, my ISDN is static.

I have some follow-up points to make about the problem of user
identification (known in security circles as "authentication") and dynamic
IP addressing.

(1) This problem is not unique to CU-SeeMe. Users of IP-based telephone
service are faced with the same problem, as are providers of web-based
information (see what HotWired does with username/password text input
fields). Expect to see many more instances of required registration in
order to participate in technologies, especially as more and more people
participate in the Internet, and goofy behavior happens more and more.

(2) Peer pressure is a good motivation against bad manners. If banning a
site is what's necessary to eliminate behavior that's offensive to the
reflector operator, so be it. If my site gets banned because a fellow user
is weenie-waving, spamming, etc., you better be sure I'll track down the
miscreant and read {him,her} the riot act.

Joining a reflector isn't a right. It's a priviledge accorded to you by
the reflector operator. If you want to do something that's offensive to
the operator, that's as far as your complaint goes. Don't like it? Fire
up your own reflector.

Discussions about whether one country has a codified bill of rights, or
whether another doesn't, are off-point. The benign dictatorship of resource
operators, be they reflectors, mailing lists, etc., is what I believe to be
on-topic here. David's actions would be appropriate (IMHO) whether he's in
Perth, Bogota, Nirobi, or San Francisco.

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