Re: net questions for radio broadcast

Thu, 20 Jul 1995 09:28:54 -0400 (EDT)

hi all,
I think it has been several months since i have posted to this list, but
i have been following closely, and feel i should add my 2 cents to the
conversation about the experimental radio broadcast. I don't know
if i would agree completely that cu-seeme is not appropriate for broadcast
purposes, obviously in these early stages (1st year or two) it isn't, but
to say it shouldn't be experimented with i thinks defeats the possibilities
of developing new versions that meet specific needs, i.e. reaching an
audience around the world, which you couldn't unless you had shortwave.
And yes a college station may have better demographics than all of cu-seeme
put together, but i don't think that's the point, cu-seeme and a combo
of other programs may currently be the only way to reach a specific
audience, i.e. a computer show aimed at computer people. So i would have
to say experiment with everything you can find, until the you find a
combination of methods that satisfies your needs for the meanwhile.
Necessity is the mother of invention. And most likely the needs of
wants to broadcast will help develope new programs to meet those objectives.
I ran a news department in college radio for 2 years (WXVU-89.1 Villanova,Pa.)
and tried all sorts of things to reach a large diverse audience and to
create interesting unique broadcasts. Power to the innovators.

Bob Fine
Hughes Network Systems
(Home of DirecPC (on the floor above me))
Gaithersburg, MD

P.s. Does anyone know of a good Windows NT list or newsgroup to
subscribe to, i've got some remote access problems to work out, in short
i'm trying to run a netscape server under nt, but my dedicated 28.8 line
keeps dropping everynow and then, i'm looking for a way to make it redial
or something so its up all the time. Thanks. Later.