Re: net questions for radio broadcast

Robert Hsiung (
Thu, 20 Jul 1995 08:53:50 -0600

At 5:39 PM 7/19/95, production wrote:

>We are establishing our radio station ...

>We are interested in getting a feel from the CU-SeeMe community at to
>proper nettiquite, techniques for our broadcasting, and how to set up
>multiple reflectors as relay sites for our programs.

You (and others) may be interested in two reflectors which are already
broadcasting. The first is Internet Radio, at (it's been
kind of inconsistent lately), the second Austin KVR9 (the student TV
station), at If you connect to them, I think you'll get
messages with their email addresses. They can probably answer a lot of your

Oh, and there's NASA, of course.