NETCOM connection: is there a solution

pogo (
Thu, 20 Jul 1995 11:49:09 -0700

I am trying to use CUSEEME with netcom. I have been able to get it to
work somewhat with interramp but connect time is much more expensive.
Has anyone been able to make it work with netcom? I read the archives
from june on this subject, but I could not tell if the problem has been

Someone said purchasing a registered version of netscape was the
solution, has anyone tried that? Also the people at vidcall provided
me with instructions on how to connect trumpet winsock to netcom. Has
anyone heard of that or tried that approach.

Finally, Is the latest release of CUSEEME designed to recieve sound?
When I conneceted through irramp I got video but no sound. My modem
and connection is a USR 28.8. I have the newest ver of CUSEEME.