RE: ips of lurkers

Blaine T. Jones (
Fri, 21 Jul 1995 21:14:35 -0400

>I wouldn't be surprised if most PC "lurkers" have looked at this
>newsletter, and are aware of the "lurker" issue.
>Erick Eschker

I'm a luker. I'm a PC user (Win95, CUSM-w.065b2) but I couldn't really
afford the camera equipment right now if I DID have send capability (plus
a 28.8k line isn't quite fast enough, it appears).
Why should I mind if you know who I am since I've logged into YOUR
system (or reflector)? Shouldn't an administrator have the right to know who's
logged onto his/her system? I think so. Let's not try to make something out
of nothing. There is *nothing* wrong with reflector administrators having access
to lurkers names, i.p. addresses, e-mail addresses, etc.