x47red (
Fri, 21 Jul 1995 02:07:59 -0500

>I am dialing in at 28.8 in the most current version of windows software
>but I have not been able to get sound only a high pitched hum. I am
>using a media vision 3-d sound card with WFW 3.11. Is sound available
>with windows and is there anything special I need to do to get sound?
>(I have selected start recieving sound from menu)
>I do get the video, does the sound "trail the video or does it track
>close to realtime? do I turn off video to get sound? how do I know if
>sender is sending sound?
>Any suggestion appreciated
for any pc users interested, theres this thing
called the iphone(internet phone) which is ONLY
sound. its pretty rad, too. you can talk to
people all over the world...and theres no long-

you can get the latest build(13) at:!winsock-l!talk_voice.html

and the servers list(ircsrvrs.ini) at: /pub

just thought id put this up here cause so many pc
cuseeme users are complaining about no sound. the
sound quality of the iphone can be really good,
too depending on your connection speed. 28.8 is
easily fast enough to get "phone quality."