Re: NETCOM:there is a solution!

petrus1 (
Fri, 21 Jul 1995 01:08:38 -0700

You wrote:
>After much effort I have found that trumpet winsock will allow a PPP
>connection to netcom which will allow CUSEEME thru netcom access. If
>anyone is interested the instructions are at :
>I have briefly tested at it seems to work but there maybe some things
>do not know.
Well, you beat me to the punch! I have also learned that we should be
able to use Cu-SeeMe by using Trumpet winsock. I have been able to
establish a PPP connection to netcom with TWinsock, I then minimize
TWinsock and run Cu-SeeMe. When I try to access an address, I don't
get any response at all, not even an error message and apparently
netcom is timing out on me.

I guess I will just have to work with configuring and troubleshooting
Cu-SeeMe now. At least now, there IS hope!