LINUX Reflector

David S. Dworkin (
Fri, 21 Jul 95 10:02:09 EDT

Hi Bart,

White Pine Software plans to have a linux reflector corresponding to version
4.0B1 up on our ftp site some time later today. Visit the following sites:


in a few hours, and you should find the Linux binaries.

Take care,

David Dworkin
White Pine Software

>Date: Wed, 19 Jul 95 18:50 GMT+1200
>From: (Bart Kindt)
>Subject: Need Reflector 4.xx for LINUX! Please!
>Message-ID: <m0sYSxe-0007vxC@dunedin>
>Please guys!
>It was promised that binairies from the new Reflector 4.xx would be made for
>all popular platforms!
>If *one* platform is popular it is Linux! I have now logged into the FTP
>server for several days in a row, and still no Linux compile!
>Come on, it only takes a few minutes!
>I send an E-mail to two people at White Pine, but did not even get a reply!
>Can somebody tell me who I should approach to get this done?
>We are in the middle of an important trial involving schools using 28.8 kbps
>modems for remote teaching, and the new improved sound capablilities are
>what we are waiting for..
>Any info welcome.
>Bart Kindt, Director Efficient Software Internet Service, New Zealand