Re: Need Reflector 4.xx for LINUX! Please!

David R. Montgomery (
Fri, 21 Jul 1995 10:48:46 -0100

>I second it. Linux is one of the most popular platforms for running
>reflectors on. Maybe Bart you can request the source code, compile it for
>everyone, send back the binaries to Cornell so they can post 'em, and
>everyone's happy.

Here's another Linux user very much in agreement.

Also, however, a question about reflector hardware vs. performance; if this
is answered in a doc somewhere, somebody please point it out so I can look
it up. BTW, the 'reflector readme' link on Cornell's web page was having
some trouble last time I checked.

I've got version 3.0b3 running on Linux, on a 386/16 with about 10 megabytes
of real RAM and a 50MB swap file. It's a sleeper, I know, but it was a good
test and performs suprisingly well. It's connected at 10MB/S, net traffic is
fairly light (or at least it was before we started forcing video and audio
through it), and the only connections have been from within our local subnets.

The question is this: what level of hardware is needed for a reflector to
deliver the data at the higher rates that we've seen on the 'net, ie. 8-12
fps? I know there are other aspects to consider, but there are reflectors
out there that seem to consistently deliver at those rates, (Ohio State. for
example) and I'm curious what they're running.

That's all.



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