More Platforms for Reflect 4.00b1

Richard Cogger (
Fri, 21 Jul 1995 15:29:28 -0400

At the usual server (or
find the same at White Pine), you can now find binaries for many more

* BSD/386 version 1.1 (reflect.BSDI.tar.Z)
* DEC Alpha workstation with OSF (reflect.DECOSF.tar.Z)
* DECstation with Ultrix V4.1 (reflect.DECULTRIX.tar.Z)
* HP HP-UX Version A.09.05 (reflect.HPUX.tar.Z)
* IBM RS/6000 AIX Version 3.2 (reflect.IBMAIX.tar.Z)
* Linux (reflect.LINUX.tar.Z)
* NEXT OS Version 3.2 (reflect.NEXTOS.tar.Z)
* PC SCO System V (reflect.PCSCO.tar.Z)
* SGI IRIX Version 5.3 (reflect.SGIIRIX.tar.Z)
* SUN4/Sparc SunOS Version 4.1.x (reflect.SunOS.tar.Z)
* SUN4/Sparc Solaris Version 2.3 (SunOS 5.3) (reflect.SunSolaris.tar.Z)

Many thanks to the folks at White Pine for getting all these versions
compiled. Most of the platforms have both MultiCast and non-MC versions.
Of what folks have asked about, A/UX is the most notable among the
missing. We'll probably get it eventually, but it may be a bit longer.

"README.reflector.FIRST" has notes on downloading.

Cheers, -Dick