CU-Seeme and Windoze 3.1 GPF's.....CU-Seeme and Windoze 95
Sat, 22 Jul 1995 21:35:40 -0400

I'm getting bothersome GPF's using CU-Seeme. Increasingly, and
for no apparent reason, the following error screen pops up: "Application
Error - CU-Seeme caused a General Protection Fault in Module TOOLHELP.DLL
at 0001:1E0F." It will almost always pop up if CU-Seeme has been
running for over 10 minutes or so. Happens even when there is no other
program activity going on, i.e., I'm not moving the mouse or making a
menu selection. Clicking the "OK" button (No, it is NOT friggin' OK!)
does not close the window and I have to reboot to clear. What the Hell
is TOOLHELP.DLL and what's its problem with CU-Seeme? Experts?

Also, Windoze 95 is almost ready to be thrust upon us,
ready/wanted or not. Who's testing this with CU-Seeme? Is it working?
Better? -JRG