Re: Does CUSEEME support audio for windows PC version?

petrus1 (
Sat, 22 Jul 1995 16:51:22 -0700

You wrote:
>Does CUSEEME (newest ver) have sound capabilities for windows PC. I
am not
>getting sound, am I doing something wrong?
Hey Chris,

I see that You must have gotten Cu-SeeMe to work! I don't think the PC
version supports sound. I am interested in how you got your Cu-SeeMe
to work. I can connect and see video, slowly as I am using a 14.4/19.2
Zoom fax/modem. A 28.8 modem is on my shopping list. I usually can
only see a few frames per second. I used the suggested modem init
string provided by Netcom's "Access" page. One problem I have is that
when I click anywhere on the page (other that video thumbnails) all of
the pictures are "sent to back" and I can only see them again if I
close the main window, or choose to close all windows and then re-open

Some of the reflector sites I have connected to, or tried to connect
to, seem to have little or no activity. I suspect that something about
my setup may be preventing Cu-SeeMe from running properly in spite of
the amount of time I have put in to configuring this thing.

I would be interested in hearing how you got Cu-SeeMe to work, your
configuration and any problems that you may still have, so that maybe I
can troublshoot this a little better. Thanks!!!