HELP !!!!!!! (from New York)
Sun, 23 Jul 1995 03:00:28 -0400

I am VERY new at Iphone and am interested in having a telephone (the normal
kinda phone) conversation with someone who knows IBM compatibles & Iphone &
CU-SeeMe. I am in the process of buying a very high end video board (and
could use a suggestion here too) and installing the I-phone & CU See-me
software & selecting an internet provider. (Phew! Sounds like a nightmare-
and it is!!)

Im in commercial television production & TV station operations & was hoping
to find a high end video board to input "broadcast quality" video for editing
programs on my computer as well.

PLEASE Someone call !!!!!

I am having Tons of different problems !!!!

Thank You in advance!!

Mike-(in Long Island, New York)
or 1-800-606-8869
(anytime....beggers cant be choosers)