RE: microphone question
Sun, 23 Jul 1995 11:40:15 -0400

Microphones of all manufacturers are made wih different "charasteric
impedances" (rated in "ohms") they are designed to be attached to different
types of circuits for different applications. As far as mics go there are
mics that are :

Low Impedance (usually 150 or 250 ohms
and Hi Impedance (10,000 mostl up to 30,000 ohms Ithink max.)

Low impedance mics are usually used in professional applications- broadcast,
PA, recording studio's etc. (prices usually range from $75.00 to $ 6,000.00

Hi Impedance (a cheap mic) is used in consumer applications. (Prices usually
range form $2.00 to, the rip off cause it "looks like a pro" mike $200.00

There are typically 2 wire versions called "unbalanced" (in this system long
mic cables pick up inteference from sources around them through the cable
length) and 3 wire versions called "balanced" (in this type the 3 wires are
designed for VERY long cable lengths and any noise induced into the cable is
cancelled "balanced out" and so never heard as noise. If your still
interested I'll tell you the differences. Balanced is Professional, an
unbalanced is consumer stuff.

Further there are subdivisions of the impedance catagories based on the
technique by which the sound is detected within the microphone element
itself, such methods & technologies are:

Carbon (from .10 cents US)
Condenser mics. (to $6,000.00 US and maybe more)

The top of the above list is cheap garbage, like in your telephone handset
and the bottom that hangs in the best recording studios in the world. Dont
for get the prices.

YOUR SPECIFIC QUESTION (at last he gets there....)
No the scanning system in the airport is innocent.

The mic you purchased for $8.00 US in the US, is most likely a different
operating type (a dynamic microphone with high impedance).
Chances are good that the mic that you tried to replace we a cheap consumer
version of a "condenser microphone" (that actually requires a tiny amount of
power to be supplied by the device its plugged into), like the pro units but
garbage in comparison- less quality , reliability & manufacturing quality
conscious then the $$$$ pro version.

In this consumer gear like sound cards they do try to make it sound good- Ask
the manufacturer of the card they can tell you if it is a "low impedance,
condenser mic." I guess from the sound card manufacturer it would cost about
$20.00 US to replace.....

Sorry if I bored you. I even bored myself !!!

(This is the longest answer I ever wrote anyone- I hate typing thats why I am
so anxious to get my Iphone or better yet my CUSee-Me working, I cant figure
out the software & its installation for shit !!!!)

By the way I just joined this group & wish to say hello to all you folks from
around the world via internet !!

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